Observatory Dome «Public» ATL D6.0

This dome model is designed for public observatories, universities and planetariums, as well as for the installation of large tools. The dome has a diameter of a sphere of 6.0 m and width 1.7 m. the hatch I Bought is suitable for installation of a telescope with a lens up to 1.2 m. thus the doors of the dome has a design that limits observations in any part of the celestial sphere, including at the Zenith.

The domes have a strong steel frame and are covered with galvanized and professionally painted metal sheet. It provides strength and reliability in all weather conditions, durability and environmentally friendly. In the basic version, 8 storm clamps are installed, ensuring the safety of the structure in the wind up to 100 m/s.special measures are taken For working in a wide temperature range, from -40 to +50.

The dome can be disassembled and transported by road within the permitted size and assembled on site. Chief installation is included in the cost of production. It is possible to order transportation and turnkey installation in addition. By default, the dome is painted in light grey, but you can order almost any color from the RAL color catalog.

A distinctive feature of our dome is the minimum time of thermal stabilization due to the thermal conductivity of metal walls and light color. This means that you can observe almost immediately after the opening of the dome. In addition, due to the lower wing of the visor and the possibility of partial opening of the upper, it is possible to provide acceptable conditions of observation even in strong winds. This means that you can open exactly the part of the sky where the observations are currently being made. All domes are equipped with an electric drives of the shutter and rotation in azimuth. In this modification, the control module is the default. That allows you to control the opening and closing of the shutters, the azimuth rotation and synchronize the rotation with the telescope position remotely.

Also, a cylindrical or other necessary shape of the tower can be made on request.



Diameter: 6.0 m 

Height: 4.0 m

Shutter width: 1.7 m

Weight: 2800 kg


Basic equipment

Dome with two shutters - upper and lower.

Electric drives of shutters and azimuth.

Remote control and system of synchronization with the telescope. 

ASCOM driver. 

Emergency power supply.